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Holiday destinations: Molise

Are you looking for a well maintained apartment or holiday house, interesting sightseeing tips, and all the necessary information in order to spend your holidays in Molise with the gently inclined hills to the long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean?

Molise a holiday for joyful discovery

Anyone who has been in Molise may only remember its long sandy beaches or the great national parks in the mountains, which actually mostly belong to Abruzzo. But those who drive around between the crystal-clear sea and the mountains of Mount Meta in Isernia,Gran Sasso and Monte Matese, direction Campania also discover a magnificent landscape, where rolling hills follow each other and on which vines and olive trees are lined up. It is a part of Italy, which is away from the mass tourism and rewards the more cautious traveler with a wealth of fascinating impressions and experiences. Molise has been an autonomous region since 1963, before it belonged to Abruzzo.
In Molise you will find a selective range of accommodation including apartments, hotels, villas with pools, holiday homes with dogs and farm-hotels (Agriturismo), whether at the coast or in the more traditional villages.

Excursions and tours in Molise

We provide you with suggestions for sightseeing and excursions, suitable for the whole family. With us you will learn insider tips for holidays in Molise, for example that Molise, with its rolling hills is a paradise for cyclists and hikers. An especially unique feature is the Tratturo in Molise. This ancient sheep trail consists of a network of paths used by shepherds and their flocks for over 2.500 years.

Places Of Interest

Experience the scenario of a unique landscape in "Alto Molise" with its high mountain ranges, the unspoiled nature, the quiet mountain villages and "Basso Molise" with the gentle hill landscapes, vineyards and the coast. Molise is the perfect place for both an active beach holiday full of sports and a cultural holiday. Touristically however Molise is largely untouched - a tip for Italian lovers- and invites you to discover:
-In Alto Molise in the northwestern part of the province of Isernia, on the border with Abruzzo, is Monte Meta, which is also part of the National Park of Abruzzo. The valley of the river Volturno is one of the most scenic areas of the Molise. Here the village of Castel San Vincenzo is located high above an emerald green lake.
-Scapoli Is just a stroll away, the city of the Zampogna (a variant of the bagpipes), the traditional musical instrument of the Molise region. Here a Bagpipe festival is held on the last Sunday in July with a showmen and a market. Also worth seeing is the Bagpipe Museum (Zamponga museum).
-In the heart of ancient Samnium, in the northern part of the province of Isernia is also one of the most important archaeological sites in southern Italy, with the highest amphitheater in Italy, Pietra abbondante. The ancient Bovianum Vetus was the sanctuary of the Samnites.
-And also in this part of Molise, there is a further attraction: the oldest bell foundry in the world in Agnone. It was built around 1000 n. Chr. The museum Marinelli displays the most beautiful bells from ancient and modern times.
-At The border with Campania there is another important mountain: the Monte Matese. Here is also the home of the Matese wolf, wild orchids and impressive books. It was here at the time of the Samnites an important refuge, "Saipinis". In the Middle Ages it was named Altilia. The archaeological site is located with wonderful views of the Matese.
-The "Basso Molise" in the province of Campobasso is characterized by the gently inclined hills as far down to the long sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. The main town on the coast is Termoli, with its beautiful old town. Its landmark is the Saracen, which was built in the 16th century to defend against the Turks and pirates. In the new part of the city you will find excellent seafood restaurants. North of Termoli extends to Campo Marino and its sandy beaches. From Termoli you can reach the Tremiti Islands by ferry, but they belong to the Puglia region. The islands are a paradise for divers and water sports enthusiasts. Source: Wolfgang Pruscha -

Weather and climate in Molise

The temperate climate of the region is Mediterranean. The hills of Molise and Abruzzo offer the vineyards the best conditions for optimal growth. The combination of mostly clay soils and the noticable temperature range between day and night make sure that the arormatic substances can form and produce grapes of exceptional quality and that the wines have intense characteristic scents.
Molise production center of fashion designers.
Did you know that in Pettoranello di Molise, near Isernia, the company Ittiere produces and markets world wide the well-known fashion brands Karl Lagerfeld, Fiorucci and Galliano in Lizenz?

You are special and we want to help ensure that your holiday in Molise will also be a special experience!

Molise, discover the most beautiful and the most famous places

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